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Only SKINCULTURE's own technology has completed the active ingredient itself as a pack


Active all-in-one system Without essence filling process with new technology

Only the active ingredients are delivered to the skin!

Excellent cooling feeling soothes skin,

Clear and bright skin,

Mask pack to help elasticity!


SKINCULTURE is a global cosmetic brand of K.L Global

and it is a derma beauty brand that provides a customized solution based on a specialty.

There are three product lines which are Homecare line, Special line, and Professional line.

K.L Global is responsible for all phases from beauty consulting, purchase of products to the program as the whole service.

K.L Global is leading to the beauty market with medical devices, Everline facial lifting thread, and derma brand of SKINCULTURES.

Moreover, excellent instructors of SKINCULTURE have you trained the best quality courses.

We are making efforts to maintain higher and constant standards for you.


Contact to K.L Global +82 2-3437-8106