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World Best Medical Beauty Solution

K.L Global is making a future to step forward to the world.




Launched OMEGALIGHT 2nd generation and exclusive supply

EXTRA overseas exclusive contract (Turkey, UAE, Iran, Iraq, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia)

EVERLINE overseas exclusive contract (Chile, Mongolia)

O2TODERM overseas exclusive contract (Mexico, UAE, Pakistan, Taiwan, Colombia, France)

Launched Renewal of WILLCAM Plus skin diagnosis device



Acquired CFDA approval for SKINCULTURE cosmetics in China

EXTRA filler European CE certification acquired

EXTRA overseas exclusive contract (UK, Ireland, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, Kuwait)

Launched Diasono 310 beauty equipment (exclusive contract in US)

Overseas exclusive contract with EVERLINE (Uzbekistan, UAE, Greece)

Produced and launched EXODERM mask pack & sun cream

EVERLINE PDO, PLLA European CE certification acquired

EVERLINE PLLA exclusive contract with Chinese company and CFDA approval in progress

Overseas exclusive contract with EVERLINE (France, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq)

O2TODERM overseas exclusive contract (Israel, Cyprus, Mexico)

Expansion and relocation of the Chinese branch (launching of China SKINCULTURE Academy)

Launched Ultra Skin Mast beauty equipment

Launched Ultra Toning Ultrasonic Equipment

Launched Filoshine GFP21.0 Skin Booster

Produced and launched EXTRA filler

O2TODERM exclusive sales contract (US)

US Cosmetics Production Plant, Technology Development (New Jersey)

Actiderm Biogel mask produced and launched

Increase cosmetics line SKINCULTURE (29 species) and released

DN16 device development and production

Launched Medi K Mall Internet shopping mall

Launched MarkVu skin diagnosis device



DN64 device development and production

Produced and launched O2TODERM oxygen therapy equipment

Launching of the SKINCULTURE Academy

Produced and launched 3 types of DN64 ampoules

Distributors Agreement of import a MILK PEEL to China

Produced and launched All About Cos 6 types of cosmetics

Imported JBP Curacene Tevan Ampoule

EVERLINE PLLA production launch

Launched Wilcam Skin Diagnosis Machine

Launched Accutoning Laser

Increase cosmetics line SKINCULTURE (18 species )

Produced and launched Dr. DNA mask pack


Doublo M HIFU exclusive supplier in China

Produced Lido-K anesthetic Cream

Launched Hycoox

Launched Botem high frequency equipment



Produced and launched EVERLINE PDO

Produced and launched Everfill filler

Imported Lipo V lipolysis solution

Development and production of Rebalance chitosan mask pack

Launched E.G.F Restore Facial Mask


Launched Ganafill

Produced and launched Crystal Injector Skinbooster

Produced and launched KMC Skin booster

Launched PRO PRP

Established of a branch office in China

Launched SKINCULTURE medical cosmetics

Imports and sales of a ROSS SONTINUITE professional scalp products

Contracted with Galderma to distribute Auriderm XO

Launched PPC (Lipovin)

Foundation of the company K.L Global

Imports of an AURIGA product line

Launched TEOSYAL filler

Launched OLIGODERME cosmetics

Launched XEOMIN toxin


Domestic Business

K.L Global supplies medical equipment, cosmetics, etc. for domestic hospitals, clinics and general hospitals, and esthetic shops all over the world.


K.L Global is manufacturing and exporting products with high-quality based on strict process and optimized system. We provide reasonable price, goods by the appointed date, reflecting customer’s needs with our partners.

Overseas Business

K.L Global is exporting products with high-quality on each reflected markets to the world and broadening on a wide range the market.

Online shop

Easy to purchase products through online, Medi-K mall of
K.L Global’s Brand cosmetics "Skinculture"


Total Beautycare Platform

Skinculture, which was launched as an esthetic brand, is now opening its own academy and establishing branches around the world.

The skinculture professional line meets the beauty equipment and creates the esthetic academy which satisfies customers.

Since the first branch at headquarter in Korea has received high satisfaction among Korean customers, we are try our best to promote it abroad.


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