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Healthy and beauty company,
K.L Global

K.L Global has led the domestic and overseas cosmetics market with mission to deliver healthy and beauty since it was founded in 2005 based on its mission to deliver healthy beauty.

Customized OEM / ODM to satisfy customers' needs

Based on our know-how for many years, K.L Global maintains close communication with customers and produce products to meet customer’s needs

We are always welcome to get any inquiries about partnership

We are looking for partners to lead the beauty market with K.L Global. Please feel free to contact us. We shall reply you ASAP.


We handle a wide range of products from medical equipment, cosmetics, and beauty salons,
and we offer customized products based on our know-how accumulated around the world.


We can customize the products to meet the demands through close communications with customers.


Meet K.L Global products exported all over the world, from cosmetics, medical equipment, beauty salons to beauty consulting.


Beauty Consulting We provide systematic consulting with a curriculum tailored to the skin culture, academy, and professional instructors.


K.L Global has its own brand, multiple lines of business shopping mall and website.
There is also a business mall for business owners.

Everline is a brand name for facial lifting thread of K.L Global.
Everline includes Carving Cog, which is made with patented technology and PLLA thread which is exported to European countries.

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EXTRA, made with innovative TSC technology, has the technology to increase the Cross-Linking Rate with HA filler to increase durability. It is a filler that has received domestic sales permission and CE certification, and its stability and effect are also very high in satisfaction from those receiving the treatment.

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DN64 is a doctor for my skin, it provides special care at home conveniently.
DN64 is a representative product of Skinculture that has four relevant patents and is exported to all over the world.

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Medi-K mall is total beauty shopping mall with various professional beauty brands such as Auriga, Dermaceutic and Excipial.
You can find all the product here not only general products but also aesthetic medical devices. Business malls are available for business owners.

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LED devices recognized worldwide. OMEGA PDT released. It is a high-quality LED made of 1,710 special infrared SMD LED materials, and it is possible to take care of the skin from the outside to the inside with a strong and stable LED and IR wavelength.

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SkinCulture is a global cosmetic brad of K.L Global and it is a derma beauty brand that provides customized solution based on a specialty.
There are three product lines which are Homecare line, Special line and Professional line.

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KL Global is leading the global beauty market through medical equipment, beauty salons (Everline), and derma beauty brand Skin Culture.
Through the skin culture academy through excellent instructors, we are sharing the dreams of many people. In the future, Skin Culture will strive for a better standard for you.

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